The S is silent in 'libary'

Is that thunder or construction?

That's how I woke up. As I sit at my desk typing this I can hear the beep beep beep of a heavy equipment vehicle backing up AND the constant sound of thunder rattling my house.

Fuck you, Florida.

So I will be captaining a sea shuttle on weekends and I have to head to the library today for an interview. That's right, libraries still exist. Also, I make a sexy librarian.

All I need now is part time job in a cabana.

I took the dogs out at one in the morning and got smacked in the face with a bug.

Fuck you, Florida.

People make fun of Bakersfield, and I get it, I really do. But I saw a couple of great concerts there and had a couple of great meals and some stellar restaurants.

I dunno why I am telling you that.

Oh yeah, because this is one of those mornings where I actually hate writing, but I made this stupid commitment to write something every fucking day whether I want to or not so I have to say something even if it completely non-sensical.

Although, that line about Bakersfield is not nonsense. I actually really enjoyed my visits there. Saw Brian Setzer and Jennifer Nettles there. Not together, of course.

I need to go shower.

Titty whatevers


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