People are the greatest fun

Cleaned the windows in my office just a bit ago. Yep, the ocean is still there.

Si se puede
I like working in the libary. I just hate having to wear fucking slacks and a button down actually tucked in. I want to work in a punk rock libary where I can wear my Joker Chucks ALL THE TIME.

When I first got my license I would drive to the Claremont colleges just to go to the library libary. I wasn't a student there so I never got a card. I didn't need one, I just went to get lost in it. I would pull out all sorts of books, read a chapter or two until I came across something that made my mind wander to another topic then I would go find another book on that.

Ross's book is here somewhere. It's a bit sticky.
Claremont is where I attended my first college party. It solidified my love of smart chicks.

I also almost got my ass kicked by a lesbian. Yes, really. A blonde asked for a light so I lit her smoke for her. Started chatting her up when her girlfriend got up in my shit. It was at the all women's college (Claremont has five different colleges in their village of schools) and I vacillated between thoughts of death by women and, not actually wanting to die. One of those options left me smiling, the other left me alive. I am still not sure I chose correctly.

Titty sprinkles!


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