Mm mm check it out

Hello chil'rens.

I was away for the weekend with The Gorgeous Blonde seeing friends, listening to music and pissing away the dogs' inheritance.

It was a stellar weekend is what I am sayin'.

Ooohhh, and I got to play with lots of dogs! One little Boston Terrier was favorite. It may or may not have been because she was dubbed the cat killer. I have no idea why she would ever be called that. But we were tight.

While I was away, the NFL forgot how to football. Iraq learned how to soccer. The USWNT kept on being awesome. And some shit happened in politics, I'm sure.

I just started this and I have been getting badgering text messages asking where the dribble is so I am going to cut this short and ...

Titty sprinkles!

I really, really love Mobile


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