It's weird that storms make me think of this song

Blue skies to one side of the horizon.

The other horizon looks like what you'd expect a CGId storm to look like. I dunno if it's going to hit us or not. I hope it does.

Whenever we have storms in the Gulf our beach gets actual waves. That makes me want to grab a kayak and surf. It is eerily calm today. Kinda makes my butthole pucker up.

I once saw a kid slip and fall on his head in a rainstorm. He had CP and two other boys laughed at him for crying. I beat the shit out of one of them later on. I spent the better part of Jr. High mocking them. I was a relentless little fucker in school. I liked to bully the bullies. Sure, I got my ass kicked a time or two for it, but I won more than I lost.

I got my ass kicked by my old man for walking home in the rain  without my coat on and my shirt unbuttoned. He happened to be driving by, saw me, yanked me into the truck and, after yelling at me about how stupid I was for not covering up, he punched me in the chest. I hopped out of the truck and ran away. I don't remember how long I was gone that time.

They're calling for 94% humidity today.

Florida is where it rains to relieve you of the fucking humidity.

I'm glad summer is almost over.

Titty sprinkles!


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