I just realized I have no BNL in my iTunes libary

Shouldn't everyday be Women's Equality Day?

I won't live long enough for us to take it for granted that everyone is equal, but as long as we're closer to that when I leave this planet as we were when I arrived I will count it as a victory.

Quick civics lesson - the flag and the national anthem provide and protect the exact same number of freedoms and rights: zero. Also, nobody enlisting in the military swears to uphold or defend either of those. That's the US Constitution you're thinking of.

Maybe calm your tits about anyone not standing for either and pour all that online indignation writing your representatives in government every time they chip away at the Constitution. Which they constantly do, by the way.

Athletes need to become more socially conscientious and use their fame and standing to bring awareness to issues! 

Kapaernick needs to shut up and play football! 

America is stupid.

Titty sprinkles!


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