Friday, August 5, 2016

An ode to #4

The Hall of Fame induction is this weekend in Canton. Bret Farve... Bert Farve? Is getting inducted. He was dad's favorite player on his last favorite team.

I say last because as an angelino he went from the Rams to the Raiders to finally saying,  fuck it, I will cheer for the one team I know is staying put.

If dad were alive two things would be true: I would have brought him to Canton for #4's induction and I would still be stuck living in Ohio.

Thank god he died.

That, boys and girls, is looking on the bright side of life.

Eric Idle leading us in a sing-a-long at Festival Supreme (Billy Idol not pictured)
Titty sprinkles!

Postscript, I suspect I will be reminded that I hate Monty Python by a couple of people in my life. I do not HATE them. I just don't think everything they do is hilarious (and they did A LOT). Unlike Seinfeld - which is all shit - there are some funny Monty Python bits. Some. 

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