Friday, July 8, 2016

Wish I'd Stayed In Bed

I am trying not to think about Dallas this morning.

It's hard to believe we are the pinnacle of evolution.

And if evolution is wrong, if we are made in some God's image, what kind of an asshole is He if we're the best He can do?

Black parents should not have to worry that the people hired to Serve and Protect are going to kill their child.

My best friend should not have to worry that her brother will be targeted and won't make it home simply because he wears a badge.

Like most issues, this is not an either/or problem.

At some point (I hope) that little lightbulb within us all is going to turn on and we are going to realize we are, every fucking one of us, human first, last, and always.

Before I am an American, I am human.

Before you are Christian, or Muslim, of Jew, you are human.

Before that kid is black, or that cop is white, they are, each of them, human.

Before that woman is a lesbian, or that guy is gay, they are, each of them, human.

Before Caitlyn Jenner is a woman, before Bruce Jenner was a man - human. First. Still. Always.

Every single one of us - human.

That is the one true thing we share in common. Until we wrap our hearts around that and cling to it the way we do our religions, our money, our whatever else is most important to us, we will keep killing each other.

No sprinkles. No music. Just a whole lot of head shaking today.

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