Try not to be a ... C word?

I was banned from a club several years ago because I used the C word.

Cunt. I said the word CUNT. 

Yeah, well, the club didn't like it. 

I said it once and they had a problem? 

Yeah. So they don't want you back.

What about all the FUCKS and SHITS and COCKSUCKER? 

They didn't mention anything but the C word.

Cunt. The word is fucking CUNT.


I forget where the club is. I think Kansas or Oklahoma.

I was reminded of it yesterday while watching the latest Jim Jefferies special.

There's a bit he does where he talks about making the word Cunt okay to say.  If only you'd done it sooner, dammit.  Then I remembered, it's Oklahoma. Or is it Kansas? Either way, now I have an excuse not to go back.

One of these is an offensive comedian. The other is a rapist.
So when Jim and Bill showed up on my On This Day feed from a year ago I had to laugh and then share it. Go watch the Jim Jefferies special to understand why (and to understand me a little better).

I can't wait to be in London in a few days. They appreciate words like cunt.

Titty sprinkles!

Postscript: I didn't realize I was going to get to see Ben Marwood next week (I suppose I should listen better). I've written myriad times before about just how much I love him so this is kind of a big deal for me. Right now, at this very moment, I am blown away by just how awesome my life is. 


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