Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Shit splatter vs. Polished turd

There is a part of me that agrees with that small part of Jim Jefferies that kinda wants to see The Donald become POTUS just so we can see how fucked up shit can really get.

I mean, I don't have kids so whatever he does to the country isn't going to affect anyone but my nieces, nephews, and my friends kids. But I have some friends with kids who are going to vote for Drumpf (they don't believe in climate change, either) so fuck their kids they obviously don't care about their kids anyway.

And it's not like the Democrats have given me an alternative that is all that compelling.

By the way, to all my friends who keep telling me I have to vote for Hillary in order to stop Drumpf. It's not my obligation to stop Drumpf, it is the DNC's job to give me a candidate worthy of my vote.

Keep your panties on GOP friends. If the best your shitshow has to offer is Hillary's worse! Then you are pretty well fucked. 

That brings us to last night with Charlie. 

It is very disconcerting to mostly agree with everything being said about Hillary, but to also be hearing it from this particular parade of asshats...

That's my whole conundrum. The shit splatter vs. the polished turd. 

... I never realized how much Paul Ryan looks like PeeWee Herman

I always thought he was more of a grown up Eddie Munster. Now excuse me while I choke on the irony of the leader of the most do nothing Congress bitching that the Administration does nothing. 

... do you think Christie is sadder that he didn't get the VP nod despite being the first to kiss Trumps ass, or that the Dems are putting up a candidate even more corrupt than he is?

I think he is sadder that he can't have a donut mid-speech.

Please, do go to Syria, Christie.

People keep telling him it's a lot like Jersey.

Potholes and all. this the genius daughter who didn't register in time to vote in the primary. 

It's the daughter he didn't want to fuck. I wonder if that has caused any kind of sibling strife.

Shame Drumpf won't win. She is a scandal waiting to happen. 

That whole family is.


The son is smarmy personified. 

I don't have enough whiskey on hand for this douche. 

I think he got his degree from Trump U. 

I need to be deloused, from 3000 miles away from that fucktard. 

I have to leave this shitshow for a different shitshow (Below Deck).

You're going to miss the delusions that are Ben Carson! 

I already feel stupid enough. 

Yeah, but the alternate reality he lives in fascinates me. 

I actually just said the sentence: I am missing Ben Carson for you. 

Enjoy the horny and bitchy deckhands! 

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