Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Make America Chafe Again

I spent a good part of last night's RNC chatting with my buddy Charlie.

Charlie with the penis, not boobs.

Charlie is mildly obsessed with me and Photoshop
He was as shocked as I was that Women For Trump is a real thing. We were less surprised that only 17 people were in the audience during their presentation.

End of times rhetoric aside, it was everything a shitshow should be. And so fucking pasty.

We were both shocked to discover Bob Dole is still alive. Less so that he has shrunk considerably.

When the angry sharpei left the stage, the real fun began. We pick up our conversation after I threw my remote at my television for Asshat coming on stage to Queen.

I threw up a little when Drumpf opened his mouth.

Couldn't he have married a foreigner with a sexy accent?

The crowd looks and sounds suddenly confused... she done don't sound 'merican!

All I understand is that the Tramp family has a great fodder.

Did she just say 'unexpected turds'?

Why does the Donald keep pointing at her tits?

Fuck this shitshow. 

Yeah. At least til tomorrow night. 

Thanks to Charlie for playing along and giving me a stellar title for this morning's dribble.

The shitshow continues tonight. I am giddy.

Titty sprinkles!

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