Saturday, July 30, 2016

Listen, do you see yourself in me?

I am adequate girl is how the subject line read. It's like my spam email isn't even trying anymore.

I want to do a tour of the firehouses in California as a thank you for the heavy lifting they're doing this summer to save my state. Someone write me a check for a gas money, hotels and enough to pay two other guys to give them all a show of a lifetime. I'll perform free. I would never ask a guy/gal to do that when I know how little road comics actually make. I would ask them to do it for even less than that little they usually make and I know they would.

It is sunny and pouring at this very moment. Florida is schizo.

Maybe I will do a GoFund me and see if I can't raise enough to do a thank you tour through the firehouses with two other funny people. I have the good fortune of knowing quite a lot of them.

Let me do some research this weekend and see what it might cost to do it in the fall when there should be less of a chance of most of the state burning.

I wonder if we could do it in the firehouses themselves and save the trouble of having to find a venue?

Hmmmm... these questions answered, and more, on the next Soap.

Titty sprinkles!

You're welcome, America

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