Let's get through this together

The Democratic shitshow begins tonight.

Grab your popcorn and watch the train wreck that will be the DNC!

If Bernie doesn't tell the Democratic Party to suck a bag of dicks then drop the mic I will be disappointed.

I expect to be disappointed.

And amused as MSNBC tries to gloss over the DNC/Hillary collusion bullshit.

The GOP ALMOST had me voting for Hillary. I have no one to vote for.

I am writing in Huey P. Newton.

My favorite thing about this week's festivities: it gives me something to laugh at as I wait for football season to start next week!

That's right, football season starts. I think I may start up my FFL again. Maybe do what I talked about last year where we draft a new squad every week.

Or maybe I will start a cheerleader league. It wouldn't be fair because whoever ends up with the Texans Cheer Squad will win every week. Never mind.

When the Chargers and 2-4 and Drumpf wins the election I will stop writing the Dribble, get into a kayak, and just drift out to sea.

Titty sprinkles!

Postscript, I made the above video (got permission first). For all the shit I had to eat from Capt Assface, there are things I miss ever so much about being on the water. 


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