I think I know what he wants

I've decided I like mornings when I wake up next to her decidedly more than I like nights sleeping diagonally across the entirety of the bed.

It's part of my struggle with going on the road for an extended period. I have a finite number of mornings I get to wake up next to her. Wasting those mornings on shit hotels in shit towns seems... I dunno, just like a stupid thing.

I need the crowd. I love this crowd...

Bono said that in Under a Blood Red Sky and it is the other side of the finite mornings coin.

That's what I woke up thinking about this morning as I listened to the rhythms of her breathing, sleeping next to me.

Rudy fun fact: I watched Blood Red Sky so much in Jr High that U2 became one of my brother Ricky's first words. He would dance around in his diaper, hands in the air shouting U2! U2! 

His mom hated U2. I was amused.

I have the VHS somewhere. I should probably buy the dvd.

It seems strange to me how much I loved U2's catalog through Achtung Baby and then... bleh. It's like going to bed mad in love and waking up in the morning wanting to sneak out, get in your car and drive away and never look back.

Titty sprinkles!


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