Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I am *not so much* happy to be stuck with her

Last night as I was watching Captain America: Civil War I realized a few things.

No real reason for this pic.
I sometimes cheer for the bad guy to beat him.

He is so fucking uninteresting.

He is so fucking uninspiring.

Seriously, are the bad guys so bad?

I finally turned it off and stopped watching. I know he wins the day and yet, I feel no better about things.

Then it hit me. That is precisely how I feel about Hillary.

And after last night's DNC I feel pretty much stuck with her. I don't like her. Her policies shift depending on whether it's an election year or not. In that regard she is no different than 99.9% of politicians.

Anyway, #stuckwithher is the hashtag I feel is appropriate for my feelings about Hillary Clinton.

Michelle Obama, the other hand... I wish she were running because I would be inclined to follow her anywhere.

I found an amusing post on my FB feed this morning deriding people who post about politics with the charge to unfriend him if we're going to insist on doing so.

I suppose he is right, political posts are boring.

Keep posting pictures of your food and your baby. Way more entertaining.

Now excuse me while I go watch Michelle Obama's speech again on the DVR.

Titty sprinkles!

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