Do that Hebrew thing

I spent yesterday in my jimmy-jammies and never showered. I wanted to keep as much of London on me as long as possible.

I showered today and it was the saddest shower in the history of Rudy.

A guy in a rickshaw... suddenly I missed my Jakey even in London
I don't want to write anymore about London today.

My friend, Rall, is a cool guy. I met him through my baby brother. He's actually my baby-bro's best friend. Maybe more.

Rall and Ricky. No, it isn't Scrubs. Yes, it is how they look gaze at each other.
I like Rall. You would, too. He's like Urkel meets Prince; he looks like a nerd, but manages to make you moist. Especially once he hits the dance floor.

Anyway, Rall's brother wrote an amazing article the other day and, while I posted it yesterday on FB, I want to share it again here because it is so fucking good.

But seriously, men, never tell a woman you don't dance. Get off your ass and dance. If you don't, you have no one to blame but yourself when you go home alone and masturbate in the shower.

Titty sprinkles!


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