I am going to London. 

Royal AF!

I am beyond excited. I am a big city boy at heart and London is not a small town. I love the security of a big city - I tend to stand out less. Anonymity is a wonderful thing. 

I am also excited because I have friends there. Friends who grew up there and love the city in a way that tourists won't ever understand. Those are the parts of London I want to see, smell, taste, feel. 

I am excited to catch up with those friends and celebrate a pretty big deal for one of them. And there will be music. There is always music. 

There should always be music. 

And I will get lost in London and have my own love affair with her. 

Mostly, I am excited to see London through her eyes. 

If I have learned nothing else about The Gorgeous Blonde, I have learned at least one thing: the world is a far more interesting place when viewed through her eyes. She sees things I miss. She sees things in a way I wish I could. 

Also, I plan on learning a whole host of awesome new curse words. 

I have no idea what cockfosters means and I refuse to google it. I just received in a text message this morning and haven't stopped giggling. 

Titty sprinkles!


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