Friday, July 1, 2016

Ain't that some sh*t

I hate the Fourth of July.

Keep your red, white, and blue manties on patriots. Fireworks every fucking night when I am trying to sleep because I have to be up at 3 AM is just not fun.

Also, summers in Florida suck. Humidity, bugs and rednecks are not my idea of a good time. September through May are sublime. It's the months not listed that suck sweaty balls.

Rain is usually followed by an onslaught of biblical bug swarms.

If hell exists, it is summer time in Florida.

Enough bad shit.

The Gorgeous Blonde has left me.

For the holiday weekend.

She escaped to the lake with her 'rentals.

So I am stuck home. With the dogs. And the neighbor's cat. I don't actually have to interact with the spawn of satan, just feed it.

I hate cats.

But I like my neighbors.

So I guess that's a push.

Titty sprinkles.

This is a screw. I had to crawl through shit, oil, antifreeze, fish guts, and who the hell knows what else to find it today. I get shit done. 

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