Wondering what the other is thinking

We have to cancel our morning charter so sleep in. 

To TGB: I get to sleep in. Guess I'll stay up late with you tonight!


8:41 PM secretly praying she wants to go to bed soon.

8:42 TGB: I'm going upstairs to bed

I practically danced up the stairs I was so happy.

Also, I am ready for a nap.

Woke up with Fisher King Blues in my head. I think I had a dream in which it was the soundtrack. I remember a sad girl who wanted nothing to do with me and that's about it. And the sea. The sea features in my dreams quite a lot.

We have tentative plans to go to London in a few weeks. I also have a tentative lead to drop in and do a guest spot (Thanks Mel).

I wonder if my California accent is as exotic sounding to the Brits as their accent is to me. Or, to their ears, do I sound like a fucking hillbilly simpleton? Probably the latter.

Fucking pretentious twats.

Titty Sprinkles!

I forgot how much I love this movie.


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