Wednesday, June 29, 2016

With everybody moaning

My dog is annoying.

Actually, he is TGB's dog. My dog is dumb, but quiet.

Shut up if you're going to babble on and on about how cute he is.

Bitch please, I am cuter than you will ever be.
He's a Barky McFuckFace this afternoon. Praise the fat baby Jesus for muzzles.

Don't worry you damn animal's are people too (they're not) types, in a few days when he's a whimpering bag of sadness and anxiety because of the Fourth I will be holding him and acting all gooey to make him feel less like a pussy.

Living in Redneckistan means the Fourth of July Festivities are going to last all summer! I will be the guy celebrating when Cletus J. Cousinfucker blows his fat fingers off and has to bang his sister-wife with a stump.

At least she'll finally get some girth inside of her instead of on top of her.

Whatever. Dexter is in for a miserable month. I almost feel bad for muzzling him.


Titty sprinkles!

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