Nobody wants to be left out

I have some unexpected time off this morning.

My desk is becoming this cool historygram of my life and the people who make it awesome. I have notes from family, friends, and even a Serenity manufacturers sticker. That last thing is because TGB gets me.

My desk on acid.
My entire office is a sort of sanctuary for me.

I spend most of my time here. I write. I delete. I write again. I surf the web. I write. I delete some more. I drink coffee. I watch the stupid people run by in 173% humidity. I write. I post. I think,  fuck, I wish I wrote this instead.

It's weird to read stories about the UK going full Trump.

Here's a thing I believe: people look for an excuse to behave deplorably and when you see a campaign to leave the EU or a POTUS campaign like the one Drumpf is running, you see that excuse take hold and then blossom into the acts of hate we are seeing take place all around this country and in the UK.

As a semi-sentient being with an IQ above 63, I knew going in that a Drumpf nomination would lead to open racism, xenophobia and other assorted asshattery. If you voted for Drumpf and should he become POTUS, you don't get to feign ignorance or surprise at the uptick in hate that comes with it. No. You cannot be surprised even a little bit. I would go so far as to say, you are complicit.

You nominated a man who has made it okay to hate openly.

I don't know enough about Brexit to make the same statement about the Leave voters, but on the surface at least, it seems that the campaign to Leave was, in large part, built around an anti-immigration stand that now seems to be bearing fruit of hate.

Humans are silly. We draw these imaginary lines to divide us, pray to imaginary men in the sky to save us, all so we have imaginary reasons to hate each other.

Titty sprinkles!


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