Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I Wanna Put On A Skirt and Flirt

I woke up with 525,600 Minutes playing in my head so the Rent soundtrack is playing as I write this. You have been warned.

I don't think it was an accident that the AP was calling Hil-Bil the presumptive DNC nominee the eve before the California primary despite not having the requisite delegate count. I also don't think Hil-Bil is much of an improvement over Drumpf.

The only question is: do I want someone whose particular shittiness is on display for the world to see, or do I want someone whose shitiness is well hidden but, always there ready to fuck the nation over?

The only reason I can see to vote for Hillary is that it would be cool to see a woman POTUS signature on TGB's retirement paper. That's all I got.

That's actually pretty cool.

But no.

I think my lunch date with Matt is why I woke up singing 525,600 this morning. We had one of those talks about Life, The Universe and Everything.

Tip apps are very important to Matt.
Do the things you love, cherish the people close to you, love like a fucking hurricane. All that shit. Because this is it boys and girls.

Find a thing you love. Let yourself get lost in that thing. Share it with the people you love - even if it isn't the thing they're passionate about. It'll make you more interesting and your love of that thing will be infectious.

That last part reminds me of TGB. From the get go she told me she does not want to be the only thing in my life. Have a life separate and apart from me, for fuck sake. I am paraphrasing but, I think I nailed the fuck sake part.

This is very disjointed because I keep having conversations on Facebook.

Anyway, the old website is back up again. That's a good thing. I want to hit the road in the fall. And I'm in very preliminary talks about potentially, maybe helping put a comedy festival together here in Floridia. So, you know, stay tuned and shit.

Titty sprinkles!

Rosario love Bernie.

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