Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I feel like a fake

I only keep the best notes under my desk glass.

It's pouring rain. Hot rain. I am pretty sure that is a sign of the apocalypse. However bad the dogs had to use the restroom, they decided it wasn't bad enough to go out in that shit.

I have the next five days off. Technically, I have to go do some deck swabbing and SEO stuff for the boat captain but, no charters for the next three days due to weather. And then I am heading to Baltimore for Stapleton/Isbell/Turner.

As much as I am stoked about the music, I am more excited about the friends I am going to get to see. Friends I haven't seen in months, years, or even ever.

I suspect sleep will be hard to come by this weekend. Thank gawd for meth.

Just like that, the sky is blue again.

I wrote a thing yesterday.

Here it is. Please read it if you haven't. Please share it if the spirit moves you.

Also, to fight the futility I have been feeling since Orlando, I donated to the Ali Forney Center.

Anyway, dogs need to poop.

Titty sprinkles!

I finally get to take the day and enjoy the new Garbage album!

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