Monday, May 2, 2016

Quit nagging me, Lauren!

We still got Bosa.

Reason no. 576 I love TGB so much: "So the Raiders drafted the kid from Draft Day? Nobody went to his birthday party!"

Guess which of the two kids mentioned in this clip is Connor Cook:

It was Bo Callahan. Connor Cook is Bo Callahan.

It was the kind of football/movie nerd moment that made me want to marry her all over again. 

I can't tell that much of a difference between Drumpf and Hil-Bil. I mean, one is a vapid, bad haired, blow hard who says whatever is convenient. And so is... well, the other one. 

I've also come to realize that everytime the media counts Bernie out he comes back with vigor. California's primary is going to be fun. So is the DNC. 

That's every bit as entertaining as a good football game. 

I am going to have to change when I write these or start posting them at night. 

That's the thing, I started this as a way to prime the writing mechanism every morning. I wanted to write something every day. And I can get up at 0330 or so every morning and write something before I go get on the boat, or I can write before I drift off at night and schedule it to post but, that feels like cheating. 

I dunno. 

First world fucking problems. 

Titty sprinkles! 

I need to poop, Mister

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