Thursday, May 19, 2016

Quick notes on a stellar evening

Last night was a stellar one.

Start with bacon covered hotdogs and sausage slathered hamburgers, mix in some time well spent with a dear friend, add a dose of The Gorgeous Blonde fangirling all over Chuck Ragan as he spent some time chatting us up pre-show, a huge helping of awesome live music, wrapped with some sweaty hugs and promises to get together again soon and what you have (aside from one hell of a run on sentence) is a night for the ages.

Tallahassee's own Pat Puckett opened the show.

Tim Barry is everything I want in my singer-songwriters

I love Tim Barry. Seeing him live for the first time only served to intensify that love. There is an earnestness in his songs that I only feel listening to Ben Marwood. They each write and sing in a way that makes me lean in til I almost fall out of my chair. With Tim it feels as though the words, the song, is too big for him to contain. There something rare and beautiful in the way he does it.

Todd Beene and company.

We were lucky enough to run into our buddy Todd and catch up before the show. He introduced TGB to Chuck Ragan and, well, I pretty much lost her attention for the evening.

I was struck by Chuck's size. His voice is SO FUCKING HUGE that I expected him to tower over us and be pushing 300 lbs. I imagined Sandor Clegane with a guitar. Turns out, he isn't much taller than my 5'6". That HUGE voice comes out of a guy who ain't much bigger than me. Weird.

Todd, Chuck, Jon
But holy shitballs, that voice. There is no manlier voice in music. Pure gravel and whiskey. He is that rare artist I never get tired of hearing. That's a good thing because TGB plays him a lot. A LOT.

Do yourself a favor and Google Chuck Ragan and Tim Barry. And if you get a chance, go see them live.

And if you don't like them, find someone local you do like and support the fuck out of them.

Titty sprinkles!

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