Saturday, May 7, 2016

I do enjoy a good dog once in awhile, sir

I was thinking about my dog dying yesterday.

How dare you, mister!

They're both healthy as far as I can tell. But they are going to die one day. Probably before me.

The loud, annoying dog I used to complain about that lived behind us died last week. He was the husband's dog. He was crushed. The next day his wife got him a new puppy. She understands things.

Dog fur is tear absorbent.

She also understands something else about dogs.

Every single day you spend wallowing over your dead dog is another dog you didn't adopt; another dog whose life you could have saved. A dog who would help heal your broken heart.

That's what I was thinking about.

I will cry when Lucy Liu dies. Probably more than I have ever cried over a stupid dog. And I will cry when Dexter ceases to annoy the ever living shit out of me every single day. Mad respect for my little nemesis.


For me, saving another dog's life will be a huge salve on that wound. So, I will definitely be getting another pup before too long once they go to that big doggy park in the sky.

One more thing. I don't believe in god but, I most definitely do believe in doggy heaven.

Titty sprinkles!

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