He's all that

I don't feel like writing today. I cannot stop sneezing - even with drugs.

I had a dream about Kevin Spacey last night. He was an aloof but, a decent human being. That's all I really remember. I wanted  to talk about Big Kahuna but, he said he only focuses on the next thing he's working on.

I am typing this through tears. Not sad tears, allergy tears. I want to take a Benadryl and sleep but, I have to go get on the boat in a bit. The boat always helps with the allergies. Especially the farther out we go.

We had a shark pull us about three hundred yards the other day. By us I mean the entire fucking boat. It was pretty cool.

I am half tempted to start a FB page for Dexter.

Some ugly as sin pug has a page and 4.5 million fucking followers. How does that even happen?

I am typing this and he is over there looking like this:


Of course, I would have to actually do stuff with him. TGB even suggested I would have to put him in *gulp* clothes *double gulp*

That would be my line in the sand. NO CLOTHES. I mean, c'mon, why would I want to cover up his gorgeous flow?

Anyway, I will think about it. Maybe Dexter will get famous and make me rich.

Titty sprinkles!


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