Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Happy Cince De Mayo Eve!

Woke up at 06something this morning, rolled over, woke up ten minutes later and it was 0900.

I changed the layout a little. I like Beans on Toast but, everyone always forgets Bobby Banjo so I decided to pay my own little homage. Also, I really love that picture.

You should read this thing by Patton Oswalt about his wife. I can wait.

Did you read it?

Did you think, this is all very sweet and I am learning a lot about Michelle just to have the wind sucked out of you when he got to the thing Alice said? I did. My desk was covered in tears.

I have no point. I just wanted you to read a thing written by a person I admire a great deal about someone he loves very much.

Here's a cute puppy in a bucket to help dry your tears.
It's taken me a bit to get myself back together again.

Cinco De Mayo is on a Friday. I will be off the roads by nightfall.

Dear potential drunk drivers, please make sure you use Uber or a cab or Lyft or even Moe and Joe instead of getting into your car and driving home from the night's festivities.

If you absolutely must drive drunk, aim for the pole. Poles are more easily replaced than innocent bystanders.

Titty sprinkles!

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