Froods unite!

The first time I heard Angel of Islington I thought it was about a girl named Fenchurch.

Also, I have been caught singing So Long and Thanks For All The Fish when I spot dolphins on a charter.

Every time I see a friend who is pro-Hillary post a Drumpf bashing article I read and think, this is the same thing that can be said about Hillary. Weird.

Still waiting for someone to give me a reason other than, she's not Trump, to vote for Hil-Bil.

At this point I may write in Bernie or Colin Powell. Again. I figure at some point #writeinBernie is going to become a trending hashtag.

I'm sure some old fart would read that and yell at their computer screen, that's just wasting your vote!

Maybe. Voting for Drumpf or Hil-Bil feels like a bigger waste of my vote.

I have my own towel I take on charters. It clips to my belt loop.

I always know where my towel is.

It was a sort of gift from a friend. The actual gift was an amazing trip to New England. The towel was just sort of there when we arrived. Now I think about that friend and that amazing trip (and all the other awesome people we met on that trip) whenever I wipe fish guts on it.

I even think of Tom when wiping...

Titty sprinkles!


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