The colour of a sideways look

About time to pile into the car and drive a few hours west. It's another one of those trips where we hide the anxiety behind gambling and debauchery before we have to meet the doctor on Monday.

I get myself ready for these quarterly check-ups - quick catch up for the newbies - my wife, The Gorgeous Blonde was diagnosed with cancer of the cervical variety three years ago. It's all gone now, but we have to go in for check ups every 3-4 months to make sure it stays away. Only one real scare in the time since the surgery. Anyway, Monday we have another check-up and, as you can imagine, those check-ups come with their own special anxieties. You are all caught up. Mostly.

Like I was saying, I get myself ready by perusing things I've written in the past, things I can reference mostly for what not to do.

Being married to a woman with a twisted sense of humor makes being a decent caretaker pretty easy. Just keep her laughing. Being in the South, people give me lots of material from which to draw.

So I am going to be away from my laptop this weekend. I know, your morning poops are not going to be the same. But here's the thing, there are literally hundreds of dribble posts and I know you haven't read them all. And if you have, go read them again. And post in the comments below which ones are your favorites. You can stick a link in there if you feel especially helpful. I want to start getting this book idea together.

One more thing. While I am away, make sure that whomever you love, you tell them in no uncertain terms exactly what they mean to you.

None of us are promised tomorrow boys and girls. Best not to waste time.

Titty sprinkles!

I love you the most.


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