Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Talking 'bout my generation

Prince used to suck. Like, old farts would openly mock him for his fashion and the noise he called music.

He didn't suck to me, but to people my age now back when he was first starting out. In fact, there was a lot of the music I grew up listening to that middle-aged people at the time thought was trash. Tipper Gore et al had a hate hard-on for my generation's music. And once rap hit the scene, fuck me it was old people in the streets rioting about how much better music back in the day was.

The people who grew up on the Beatles and Stones, thought I listened to noise.

And the even old fart who grew up listening to Elvis thought the Stones and the Doors were noise.

And the middle aged farts whose kids listened to Elvis derided him as black music!

As we get older we get dumber about music. We forget what it once meant to us when we were younger. How music was the first thing we ever felt was truly ours. As a result, we minimize what it means to kids these days. 

We mock their musical choices because in our day people didn't use them there newfangled autotunes, they just sang!

Yep. Reminds me a lot of how old crotch-rots used to deride my generation because our bands had synthesizers and guitar effects. In my day, musicians just played, they didn't need all these newfangled synthesized sounds! 

And now my generation is middle aged and becoming the crotch-rotted so listen up:

if you don't like the pop music being put out on your radio, change the fucking station. Because here's the reality; that shitty song you hate because it isn't real music IS real music to someone. And it might be the thing that gets some kid through another shitty day of a shitty childhood. Or it might be the thing that, twenty years from now, brings a man right back to that time when that really cool thing happened. It's theirs, not yours.

Whatever it is about their music that sucks for you just remember, your music sucked thirty years ago too. Without it, the soundtrack to your own life story would have sucked.

Whether its pop music or their version of rock or whatever the fuck these kids are listening to, you aren't supposed to like. It isn't yours. So maybe, kindly, shut the fuck about it and just let these kids do their own thing.

Titty sprinkles!

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