Miss me?

It's been a few days. I know the three of you are relieved to finally have a new dribble.

We've had the in-laws staying with us and have been otherwise ocupado. Yesterday I took the Pa-In-Law out on the boat.

Contemplating cutting me into pieces or dumping me whole.
Prince died. People are sad.

I am not.

If you believe his music then you know that he can now always see the sun, day and night. He is no longer on his own.

I believe his music.

Also, that wrastler girl died. I never really was a fan once Superfly Snuka left the arena so I can't say Chyna is much of a blip on my radar. But sad times and whatever for those who cry over celeb deaths like they lost a bff.

Superfly Snuka was the inspiration for Sexy MF 
It's really, really hard to write these stupid things with people awake and talking to me (the real reason I haven't written any dribbles) so I must away for now.

Tomorrow I promise to give you my undivided attention. You needy twat.

Titty sprinkles!

No video today because Prince was a controlling twat face who wouldn't dare let anyone post his shit on Youtube. RIP Dick.


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