Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I was more scared than I let on

It's been one hell of a morning already. Got up at 0500 to get on the boat.

Yeah, I know it's a fucking pun.
No shrimp (which I am still waiting on) and double the people for the AM charter. That means only one deckhand (not me) and I get to nag the marina for shrimp all morning.

Also, I met a man with stage four cancer who is fighting like hell not just to stay alive, but to live while he still has time. He's the other deckhand and today was his first day on the boat.

To wit, I was whining about waking up at 5 AM while that motherfucker was all, I have stage four cancer and I am going to make it my bitch! 

This has been a humbling morning to say the least.

As for our weekend, gambled, laughed, lost lots of money, won back a bit of it just before checkout, laughed our asses off, got the all clear for TGB's oncologist and can finally go for check-ups every six months rather than every three, and we had an amazing time with a dear friend we have not seen since our time in California.

Not a bad weekend at all.

Excuse me while I go check on some shrimp.

Titty sprinkles!

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