Friday, April 29, 2016

Bosa the Buckeye is now Bosa the Bolt and that is Bitchin'

Fair warning: this post is about football. Just football.

Even sweeter: I stole this image from a Raiders blog asking them to trade up for Bosa

Joey Fucking Bosa

I've told this story before but, I am going to tell it again.

My wife is a RABID Buckeye fan which means I watch every Ohio State game. When I watched Joey Bosa play his first game as a true freshman I said to her, all I want for the 2015 draft is Joey Bosa in the first round!

My math was off. He was a true freshman not a redshirt freshman and I didn't account for the extra year he would have to play as a result. For the non-football people, for convoluted reasons, a redshirt freshman is, in fact, a sophomore and two years away from draft eligibility whereas a true freshman is three years away from draft eligibility.

All that said, for the past three years I have been dreaming of Bosa in a Bolts jersey. Up to the moment his name was announced I was convinced the Chargers were going in a different direction. The moment I heard his name I screamed so loud Dexter got scared.

Then I screamed again.

Then I screamed some more.

Then I did this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Then I screamed some more.

Came downstairs this morning and TGB handed me my coffee and said, you got Bosa.

We didn't need another cornerback (if you can't pressure the quarterback, even the best CB is going to eventually lose coverage). And yes, some O-Line help is desperately needed but, we needed a run blocker and the two best guys were pass blockers.

Then I screamed some more.

Joey Bosa is a good kid. A laid back Floridian from the beach going to a laid back California city on the beach.

Titty sprinkles indeed!

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