Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Writing before 5 AM is never a good idea

Butt stuff is always funny
I am writing this, listening to my Will Varley and Onward, Etc. playlist.

My head is playing Dropkick Murphy's.

Being in my head so much of the time is one of the most challenging things about being me. I can sit there in front of you, listening to you, genuinely caring, and having a conversation with my friend's new boyfriend whom I have not met in my head.

It used to be the safest place in the world, my head.

Then I wrote the things in my head down onto a piece of paper and was sent to a child shrink. I went once. Then I decided, fuck it, I just won't write it down anymore. 

But that's never been a real option for me. I write things down that play out in my head all the time. I just rarely share those things. Not because I am afraid of being judged - I sometimes write really good shit. I rarely share those things because I rarely finish those things.

If the things I ever write bother people, I am more than okay with that. One of my favorite things I've ever taken from my head to a keyboard made a lot of people uneasy. I like that. A lot.

There is no real point to any of this. I'm tired and still a little sick.

And now I have to go fish for sharks.

Titty sprinkles!

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