Friday, March 25, 2016

Thoughts meander

I have written this first post since the cruise three times now. I deleted one draft and have the other sitting in limbo.

What can I say?

A weekend on a boat with strangers and friends who have come to feel very much like family. My tribe.

It was different this year than last. Relationships solidified. Moments shared deeper in meaning and anchored securely to memory.

Last year I wrote about a shy girl who has now blossomed into such badassery that she was sharing a stage with Frank Turner last weekend. But the real highlight for me was when she serenaded only me with her rendition of Photosynthesis on the beach in the middle of the Caribbean.

Here she is singing Across the Universe
Last year I also told you about that beautiful kid with his violin everywhere I turned on the boat. This year his band, Mickey Rickshaw, put on the best, most punk rock show of the entire punk rock cruise. And he kissed me. Mostly, he kissed me.

They weren't on the shirt, so  I had them added custom.
I could go on and on and on. I got to spend time with Britt and Sean and watch my mancrush grow.

I got to watch Jessica and George make it a day late and more than make up for the missed day with awesome experience after awesome experience.

That girl can sing her ass off, by the way.

I got to tell Shelby what a sweetheart she is, mean it, and watch her almost vomit over it.

Sweetest girl ever!
I got lots of hugs from Lauren (though not nearly enough). I was told by more than one drunk I was their best friend. And I fucking choose to believe it for at least that moment.

I got an awesome new hat from one of the most badass women you could ever meet. I got a slightly used flagon from one of the best fucking bands on the boat (thank you Darlene!).

I got to watch my guitar turn into the thing it was meant to be all along at the hands of someone better suited to play her than I ever could be.

An Oscar Wilde quote come to life.
I am sick today and my brain is cloudy. I know I am forgetting a lot but, if you've been reading me at all you also know I will revisit things in fuller detail.

If I have not mentioned you, please forgive me. I swear it was not intentional. I am high as kite on 'tussin and Tylenol. I promised I would have something for you today and I wanted to make good on that.

More tomorrow.

This moment right here.

For everyone on the boat...

Titty sprinkles!

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