This life may be too good to survive

I was reminded this weekend that life is about the in-between moments. In-between the mundane of working and eating and doing those things necessary to maintain our lives is when we have those moments of really living.

I went to a Jason Isbell concert this weekend with TGB.

It started with a long drive to Saint Augustine, Florida that got a lot longer once we got into SA because their roads are not designed to handle the traffic of their Seafood Festival. An hour and two miles later we were in our hotel room faced with the knowledge we now had to turn around and sit in the same traffic to get to our concert venue.

I was cranky and took it out on TGB who, to her credit, didn't lash out at me. I later apologized (men, when you fuck up, own up. And none of this, I'm sorry you're mad shit. Say you're fucking sorry for what you did, mean it, don't do it again. I do not give a shit about whether or not she did something requiring an apology as well. You're a fucking man and a man owns up when he fucks up). My apology was accepted but, I knew I had sucked the fun out of the evening. Sitting in more traffic on the way to the venue didn't help. We finally parked about a half mile from the venue and walked. Somewhere along the way my amazing wife forgave my asshole outburst and put it behind us. I can't pinpoint the moment, I just know she was laughing again.

I love when that woman laughs. We were in the in-between.

We bought her a drink, a limited print poster, and a pretzel. I got a pizza and a root beer. We chilled at our seats taking a razzing from a Michigan State fan on one side and a schoolupnorth fan on our other side because of her Ohio State blanket. That I was somehow carrying. It was a fun start. By the time the music started the stars were out and a good time was being had.

Shovels and Rope had been pretty good up to that point. I caught myself thinking the venue was too big for their act and I would love to see them in a more intimate setting.

This is a new song that is going to be on our next album...

You sometimes words and they stop you dead in your tracks because they say that thing you've been unable to say all along.

This life may be too good to survive.

Every time I look at her I get the same feeling I got when I heard those words. Every time my toes feel the cool powdery sand I get the same feeling I got when I heard those words. Every time I hear a friend's voice or get the green notification light on my phone and see a message from someone I love I get the same feeling I got when I heard those words.

The moment I heard those words I fell in love with that band.

Tomorrow I will tell you about the rest of the in-between and how much suckitude there was on the other side of it.

Titty sprinkles!


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