I heard it might rain in California

When I see my friends back home posting about the rain coming I always hear it in Ned Stark voice.

HTC's latest update is just not good.

It did. It helped me decide to look at other phone manufacturers for my next phone.
No, I am not asking for you to tell me why your iPhone Galaxy Droid is better.

There was a GOP debate last night? I only know because I'm stoopid and have a notification set up to let me know about them. When it did I thought, I really need to turn that shit off.

Did Kasich win?

Blake Lively wears the shit out of a bath robe.

I hate palm trees. They grow like weeds here in Florida. Tried pulling up the little baby trees. Turns out the little green part you see sprouting up from the ground has a root that reaches the earth's core. Try all kinds of shit to get rid of them yesterday.

Then I tried vinegar. Straight up, not diluted, vinegar. Baby trees went all wicked witch on me after that. Today I am buying jugs of vinegar and going on a little killing spree.


Titty sprinkles!


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