Thursday, March 3, 2016

Always something there to remind me

Why do I keep singing that?

That Celine Dion song? I don't know, baby. 

An hour later...

How do I liiiiivvveeeee without you???? Wait, that's not Celine Dion, it's Leann Rimes. AND Trisha Yearwood! 

Oh, that's much better, dear. 

She only ever calls me dear sarcastically.

I woke up this morning wondering why I am still singing it and how it got stuck in my head in the first place.

Then I remembered.

A friend was missing her dad who died some time ago. Of course, that reminded me of my own dad. Suddenly, it was ten years ago and the man who was the only constant in my life was gone and I was rudderless, compassless, and my sails were ripped to shreds.

And that is when I remembered the moment that song got stuck in my head. Not last night. Ten years ago.

The strange thing about it is that as we texted about our dead dads I realized that we are the lucky ones. We grieve men who were greater than anyone we know or will ever know. That's dad magic. Dad magic comes from showing up everyday and putting in the heavy lifting of loving your kids, being our rock and then putting us back together again after we bashed ourselves to pieces against that same rock.

Okay then.

Titty sprinkles.

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