You don't throw a life away just because it's a little bit broken.

Thank you to everyone who has commented on yesterday's post. 

Quick update: I was wrong about a couple of things. First, Lucy Liu got Dexter's nose with her front teeth. TGB pointed that out that she thought LL got D with her front teeth so I went and looked again at the marks and her teeth and sure as shit they are a perfect match. 

CSI: K-9 coming this season to CBS! 

Also, it seems less likely that the Kong treat was involved and more likely that one dog was jealous of the proximity to momma. 

I wasn't in the room when it happened so I made a few assumptions. I apologize. 

What I do know in hindsight is LL was not going to stop until I got involved. I also know that I needed the last 36 hours to calm my tits, Becca. I spent yesterday vacillating between being so fucking angry I could kill her to feeling zero when she was standing right in front of me. Today there is a lot less anger. 

We're going to keep her at least through the weekend to give ourselves a chance to get some distance from the emotions of it all and, hopefully, be a little more objective in the decision process. 

She is my dog. What I mean is, I wanted her, I brought her into our home, I am the one she listens to. As such, I feel very much that I failed her, Dexter, and TGB. 

Anyway, I miss our little Brittish houseguest. But I need to clean this fucking house. 

Titty sprinkles. (still can't quite muster an exclamation)


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