Why not go down?

Stop blaming Hallmark for this shitty holiday. The fault lays at the feet of the American Greetings Company. Those are the fuckers that invented a holiday just to make you feel like shit for being alone today.

I heard there was a debate last night. Seeing Republican friends post their anger about the moderator correcting candidates with things like facts was amusing. Even funnier was seeing some of them actually mad at the Donald for one reason or another. I believe The Guardian called it a clown slapfight. And yet, I know people who are still going to vote for any one of these idiots when they get the GOP nomination. 'murica!

That boot headed guy, Vermin somethingorother, is less of a freak show than the GOP contingent.

Antonin Scalia died. Some people are happy. The guy made decisions that directly and indirectly affected people's lives negatively. That is a whole essay on its own. Suffice to say, when someone does things that hurt people you cannot expect those people to suddenly hold the deceased in some sort of esteem simply because he's dead.

If you're offended by all the Scalia bashing, just relax. You'll get your turn when Ruth Bader Ginsberg passes. Who let a woman be a judge anyway, amiright?

I have to go make two women breakfast in bed. No, not because I have a kinky sex life. Because I ain't gonna let one friend feel like less on this stupid fucking holiday invented by a company that doesn't even get credit the blame for it anymore just because she's sleeping alone.

Titty sprinkles!


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