Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sunshine and rain

Having Lucy Liu for a dog is a full contact endeavor. I have now sprained two thumbs, bruised multiple toes, been concussed, and bled more times than I can count.

Let's get a real dog, he said, it'll be fun, he said.

He is a masochist.

It looks like a storm today. Which sucks. I rather enjoyed the beach yesterday. I do this thing where I see my friends posting miserably cold pictures on social media then I walk across the street to the beach and respond. They don't know I am at the beach when I am responding so, it's really just a delicious little devilish inside joke with myself.

Every time someone healthy goes running by as I Dribble I look for something to throw out the window. I don't need that kind of aggravation first thing in the morning.

Ever walked dogs in a monsoon? That is what the kids call "a hoot."

Ever spent time in a Turkish prison?

Titty sprinkles.

Someone was singing this to me this morning. That tall white girl can move, yo.

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