Someone hit the one song repeat in my head this morning

It doesn't suck here.
Is it too early to just go back upstairs and back to bed?

I am a little bit sad. Today is our last full day with our Charlie. Despite what I tell her, she really is one of my favorite people. I will deny it to her face, of course. I save that gross gooey shit for you fuckers.

I woke up singing a Peter Gabriel song from the 80s. The one that wasn't popular on MTV.

A man who preached non-violence in a state which has racism enshrined into its Constitution. 

Every once in awhile I will catch myself humming, even mouthing the chorus - it's one word - a man's name. I don't know why this song in particular, but it's one that stayed.

Now apartheid is gone, but the song remains. The reminder of one man who stood up for right, died for it, changed his part of the world.

I love that this man did this thing in my lifetime.

There have been lots of such men and women throughout history - individuals with the courage to change the course of history. We always seem to forget that.

Titty sprinkles!

Postscript - the movie in the video is Cry Freedom. The song came first by about seven years.


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