Salty pup

Standing in a fast moving boat is a great workout for your ass.

I am somewhat ambivalent about fishing. I love the exercise of casting and reeling, but I hate just waiting for something to hit my line. If I actually catch a fish - yesterday I caught six - I love the fight, but once I have the fish I have no use for it.

Three triggers, two flounders, a ginormous white snapper. I know you were dying to know.

My favorite thing about the day was just being on the water. The ride out. The fluidity of my body as I let my ankles and knees unlock and just swayed as we hauled ass across the Gulf.

The two old dudes puking their guts out from seasickness.

You'll come to hate the dolphins, old dude one said. They'll get your fish.

I just smirked and looked back at the dolphins around the boat. That's just part of the game; fishing at hardcore level, I thought to myself.

Thirteen miles out, thirteen miles in. I smiled the entire time. I could do this everyday. Of course, deckhanding is actual work whereas yesterday I was just fishing.

Being on the water is the thing.

Like being on stage.

The driving, the shitty gas station food, the gross motels, having to explain over and over again that you don't want to do a shot, the time away from TGB, the shitty pay, that is all payment I make for the privilege of that brief moment on stage. That time that makes me feel alive and safe and me.

I feel similar when I am on the water. The sea, the asshole dolphins who want my catch, the jellyfish, the sixty feet of water so clear I swear I can reach down and touch the reef. All of it. That is my favorite thing. The fish guts, the drunks, the puking, the cleanup, it's all the payment I make.

The pay is a little better.

Titty sprinkles!

You have Bob's Burgers in the background as I typed for this song. Bob was talking to a turkey.


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