My coffee is finally ready

I woke up singing Pie For Breakfast. I have no pie. I am sad.

Three dead at a KKK rally in the OC. I get that Orange County has always been a safe haven for racists a in Southern California. But holding a KKK rally in a state made up mostly of people of color is not the smart play even in the era of Dipshit Trump.

There are a lot of joggers outside my window. Fuck those people.

Apparently, I am going to be seeing a lot of friends at a concert in June. Some I haven't seen since since California. That makes me happy. It'll be a time of old friends, new friends, and fucking amazing music. I cannot wait.

SHIT! I got up to get a cup of coffee and realized I never actually turned the damn thing on!

I am a special, special boy.

Me: Why aren't you watching Blindspot anymore?

TGB: I can't stand her face. 

I love that woman.

Also, I am still watching Blindspot, deadface be damned!

Same with the chick from The Blacklist. Her face has one of two expressions at all times: near orgasm or near tears. Near orgasm face is nice. I always wondered what that would look like on a woman.

Titty sprinkles!

I really like this song.


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