More word vomit

I don't think there's anything wrong with a woman wanting a guy with a big dick or a big bank account. It's no different than a guy wanting a younger woman or or one with big tits. There's someone out there for everyone. Even the shallowest among us.

I don't think nice guys always finish last. Just most of the time. Almost always. Which is still less than always.

I think women who complain that there are no nice guys left are not really paying attention.

When people complain about being alone I listen and wait for any introspection. More often than not I don't hear it. It's always the other person. At some point you have to consider that the one consistency in every single one of your failed relationships is, well, you.

Once you look in the mirror and consider what you contribute to the failure of your relationships you might actually stop getting in your own way.

The awesome thing is that you only have to get it right once.

I don't think there are sluts, just people who like sex. To quote the wise George Michael, sex is natural, sex is fun. Sage words Mr. Michael.

I love contrasts. Dark skin on light skin. That's sexy to me. I blame my Uncle Charlie for that. I once asked if he found any women attractive and he said he loved really dark skinned women. He loved the contrast of his hands on her skin. The seed was planted.

Funny thing was that he always ever seemed to date the same type of man: hairy and a bit smarmy.

A friend lost his dad the other day. My heart hurt for him. They were close. That always hits me harder than other losses because my dad was my everything. I was lucky.

It also makes me sad for my friends who have shit dads. One of those things I wish for everyone I care about: the love of a dad like mine.

If you have an awesome dad, call him or text him just to tell him you love him. Do it!

I have to go now.

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