Thursday, February 4, 2016

I decided this was more fun than walking dogs in a storm

I keep calling the polished turd (my truck) different names. Had lots of suggestions. Some were cool, others were silly, all most some one or two of them were good.

That one was very good. So was Rudy's Truxtable. Then I thought, it gives my polished turd that rapey vibe.

RPC - Rolling Probable Cause was interesting. But then I remembered that I am brown so that is a little too on point. You have not truly lived until you've been pulled over, removed from your vehicle and had it explained to you that you were pulled over because you match the description of a latino male in a sedan. Constitutional rights? More like Constitutional suggestions! 

Rolling. Probable. Cause. :-/

Dicksie was a strong contender until I realized that I could call her that but, the rednecks would hear Dixie and, well, no. Just no.

There were several other suggestions. Leonidas, Montoya, Rusty Gobshyte, even Ranger. But my heart kept coming back to a scene in Scrubs.

I'm thinking I like Slagathor. I've tried calling her that a few times and I swear she perks up like an ugly chick hearing something nice for once in her life. 

Like all things in this world, Slagathor is Dexter's bitch.
Titty sprinkles!

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