Thursday, February 18, 2016

Donde esta el bano

Last night TGB wrote an amaze balls dribble.

I have since forgotten it.

If I remember before I get to the end of this, I promise to share.

It was funny.

She's going to kill me for forgetting.

In fairness, she was naked so it was hard to concentrate on words.

She has to leave for Michigan tomorrow. That prompted me to email her a stern warning NOT to drink the water.

I wonder if Mexico has no bebas el agua warning signs posted all over Mexican deserts just before people sneak into the US.

Both of you are like, what the fuck? Rudy knows espanol? I never would have guessed! 

Ethnic as fuck, yo!

Back to water in America. At what point do we consider our third world problems (crumbling infrastructure, poison water) add up to enough to drop us into second world status? Asking for a friend.

Titty sprinkles!

Yeah, I framed it. What?

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