Character actors, am I right?

I heard there was a debate last night. I did not watch. I get the best of scenes on social media the day after. I guess there was no best thing about last night as it was all a fucking trainwreck.

America. It's faaaaannnnnnntastic!

Sometimes I think the world economy is just one big ponzi scheme.

You ever drop a deuce so large that when you stand up you feel physically lighter to the point where the force you normally exert in standing is more than necessary and you almost slam head first into the wall across from the shitter? No? Just me then?

I feel like a skinny bitch all of a sudden.

The previous two lines are in no way related.

Someone shared a link of music with me yesterday and I saved it on FB. Now it is gone. I was going to it as I write this morning's dribble. Now I am stuck with Chris Stapleton.

RIP Tony Burton.

Titty sprinkles.

Fun times at Chez Martinez


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