As they try to change their world

I don't know how I ended knowing so many young people, I just know that I know them.

And a lot of them are planning on voting for Bernie Sanders.

And a lot of my not-so-young friends mock them for it.

Here's the thing, boys and girls. Those young people are voting. That alone should be a reason to celebrate. They are engaged in the Great Experiment rather than sitting on the sidelines then whining about the big, bad gub'mint.

Here's the other thing. There hasn't been a generation in a long while that has left this country better than we found it. I know some of my fellow Gen Xers are whining, but we gave the county Clinton.

We did. Clinton's praised for a lot of shit while we ignore the fact that NAFTA fucked this country's economic long-term future every bit as much as Reagan's trickle down Reaganomics. Let's also not forget that Clinton helped turn this country into the incarceration nation that it is.

Also, we gave this country GW. Twice.

Old farts whined about young people voting for Obama. History hasn't had a chance to judge him yet, but he seems to have been a vast improvement over the guys before him.

My point is simple. If kids are passionate about Bernie and the process, let them be. Encourage that shit. If you want to argue policy points among the differing candidates, have at it. Mix it up with the kids, make them prove their mettle.

If you just want to mock them for morons and do the stereotypical crotchety old guy routine of kids these days then you're just a miserable cunt who should maybe realize it's your time to get off the stage and let the next generation have their say. It's their world now, old man. If they elect the guy who makes this country worse, it's their country to inherit anyway. We did enough damage before handing it off to them.

As for me. I figure the guy who pisses off all the rich white guys AND the libertarians is probably doing something right.

I fucking need coffee.

Titty sprinkles!


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