Sunday, January 31, 2016

Words are hard. My abs never will be.

This is one of those mornings when I have zero desire to write anything. Which is the very reason I engage in the exercise. Unlike physical exercise, this will never give me rock hard abs.

Ben Marwood is giving away an album today. You should go get it. It's really good.

After two days of sun, the clouds are back. Life near the sea.

I can't Britt McHenry anymore. It's Superb Owl week(s) and ESPN is wrapping the entirety of their coverage around Britt and her horrible eyebrows/dye job. Kate Fagan got me to meander back to the four letter network. Britt reminded me of everything I have come to hate about it. She's just fucking awful.

I made French bread last night. I am about to make French toast. And Bacon.

Imagine a world where sex organs taste like bacon. Society would collapse.

It's my turn to go down!

No honey, it's my turn to go down!

In unison: 69!!

I told you I didn't feel like writing this morning.

Titty Sprinkles!

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